Shortage of workers plagues restaurant industry

Since being fully vaxed here in California, I have recently started venturing out to local restaurants in order to try some new food, in hopes of finding something tasty. I found that 8 out of the last 10 times my order came out wrong, missing items, wrong toppings, etc. I noticed mostly everyone who prepped my food and took my order was “new-ish'” and in other restaurants there were simply not enough staff to support more capacity. Plus, my wait time from QSRs and fine dining alike has increased considerably. What is happening?

‘Waiters make $120,000 a year but I can’t find them” – Wolfgang Puck – Yahoo! Finance

The restaurant industry has 1.7 million fewer jobs filled than before the pandemic — that’s the highest on record — despite raising pay and posting almost a million job openings in March. “People get paid really well,” Puck said. “Still, it’s difficult to find people to work. At Chinois in Santa Monica it’s the same thing. I cannot open for lunchtime. Or even at Spago in Beverly Hills, you know, where people, waiters, make $120,000 a year. But I cannot find them.”

“There is a temporary labor issue because everyone is hiring at the same time. But the bottom line is there aren’t enough people in the labor pool,” said Buck Jordan – CrunchBase

In particular, food automation tech is a bet that puts a dent in hiring costs by automating a number of routine tasks. From robot baristas to fully machine-operated smoothie kiosks, RoboJuice offers a vision of our future that features tasty foods prepared fresh with minimal human involvement.

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