RoboJuice Franchise Program


Brand New Approach to Food Retail Industry

Smart RoboJuice
an innovative take to making Smoothies and Fresh Squeezed Juices using robotics technology with an entertainment twist

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The Letter of Intent is an informal and NOT an official franchise agreement, is NOT an obligations and is NOT a payment commitment.

Your Letter of Intent will be used only for an internal proof of statistics to raise the venture funds to begin production of the RoboJuice kiosks. Your provided personal information will be used only for an internal use and will not be published in an open sources.

We greatly appreciate Your interest and hope to continually have a fruitful and beneficial relationship as the years progress.

Enjoy Future Now!
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The industry has not made updates for a long time and requires a single change.



Smart Human-like robot bartender that will make fresh organic juice and smoothie in just 30 seconds with competitive culinary skills and superior accuracy.

Fastest Service Ever
≈ 30 sec
Entertainment Twist
telling jokes, smile, dancing
Easy to Manage
Low Rental Cost
23 ft²
No Human Factor
≈ 30 sec
Low Operating Cost
telling jokes, smile, dancing
Easy Transportable

Annual Market

Rising Healthy Lifestyle
CAGR by 2021
Organic Juice
Cold Pressed Juice
Smoothie Grew 80% Past 5 Years
How RoboJuice reduces the costs?
Juice barRobojuice
Wage$300 per day $15 per day
Rental Space$6K−$12K$2K
Requirements To Entry
Juice CompaniesInitial FeeInvestmentRoyalty Fee
I Love Juice Bar$25K$300K5%
Jamba Juice$35K$235K−$500K6%
Orange Julius$20K−$35K$200K−$380K6%