RoboJuice technology

Currently, industrial-purpose manipulator arms are used for business processes automation in food retailing.
High accuracy, multifunctionality, high positioning precision.

Exorbitant value — between $25,000 and $80,000
Positioning precision refers to a manipulator's ability to return to the same initial point over and over again.
And we thought: why take a microscope to drive in nails when we can just use a hammer. Industrial precision is needed when you're going to pass the thread through the eye of the needle, but it can be omitted when making juice.
What we did
  • We put aside excess functionality and focused specialization.
  • We optimized a componential base: got rid of excessive parts and expensive materials.
  • We have chosen present-day, less expensive, but nonetheless qualitative method of production: 80% of body parts will be made of composite material by means of 3D-printer.
  • We created proprietary software in order to control the robot.
  • We developed a new kind of drive feedback (patent pending).
As a result, we created manipulator arms which cost a lot less than industrial robots.

Useable, cost effective, adapted to food retailing.
Useable, cost effective, adapted to food retailing. We believe that technology should be accessible to people, therefore we do not use expensive solutions, but develop our proper solutions and improve them by means of innovations capable of enhancing the quality of the product and return on investment.
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