Fresh smoothies,
juices & more.
Worry free.
An automated kiosk that creates ease of mind… and delicious beverages
Temperature controlled, food safe environment enables the use of fresh fruits, vegetables and other ingredients that nourish the tastebuds
Fresh ingredients
Guests love RoboJuice because its delicious, healthy, and totally entertaining
Unique to each order, our system can support recipes for freshly crafted smoothies, juices, and even acai bowls
Personalized recipes
Introducing RoboJuice
A self-service robotic production cell, integrated with patented appliances, powered by a humanoid robot
Reduce labor inputs and penetrate new markets quickly in a small, efficient and self-service kiosk
Serve consistent, freshly blended smoothies, juices and other
specialty foods while also delivering a superior customer experience
Designed specifically for foodservice operators and consumer beverage brands
We make smoothies in just
Fruit, veggies or other ingredients are stored in these temperature controlled containers. Once an order has been placed, the system precisely measures, freshly cuts, then dispenses the ingredients directly into a cup
Additives like chia seeds, granola, powders can be added before or after the blend for an enhanced mouthfeel
Before blending, quickly dispense any liquid base, like plant based milks, coconut water, etc
1. Dispenser shredder
2. Dry dispenser
3. Liquid dispenser
How it works
Ensure no cross contamination of flavors. After blending, the systems cleans itself in just 15 second
Our robot is designed to learn and adapt to recognize ingredients, recipes, levels and continuously calibrate to ensure error free operation
4. Self-cleaning blender
5. AI algorithm
Why Robojuice?
Flexible, small footprint kiosks
for easy deployment and
operational execution

A low capital, low risk way to
test and enter markets

Reach your guests closer
to point of consumption
Market penetration
Reduce your overhead costs
including both labor and food

Margin enhancement
Our made-to-order beverages
blend in just 60 seconds

Self-service means hands-free
production and serving to
maintain highest health
Made fresh. Made fast
Blend in cup technology
and self-cleaning functions
help optimize the minimal
labor inputs

Labor intensive process is
automated to help create
precision and consistencyacross
your network, while reducing
Operational ease
Automate your menu with RoboJuice
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